Interim Management

Important management tasks arise in a barely planned way and are on short deadlines. Who can take on these tasks at short notice? Who is willing and able to successfully implement them? Typically in-house management is already working at full load, and keeping additional management capacity is not an economically sound option.

As a specialist for professional interim and project management, I offer solutions for this challenging situation.

Make use of the flexibility, know-how and high performance of an Interim Manager in your company. Interim management gives you greater scope and offers you a real additional advantage: direct transfer of know-how without long-term obligations and cost controls.

If necessary, I have access to an additional network of experienced interim managers and partners

Business activities / core competencies

1. Corporate strategy / management

2. Finance / Controlling

3. Project Management

4. Integration of companies / divesture

Personal mentoring of your managers in all sectors can also be agreed, as required. It goes without saying that all the project work that I do will be handed over to your management and staff.