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Rebuilding of a production plant of COMPO EXPERT GmbH in Krefeld
Sector Production of liquid and firm Fertilisation
Size of company Turnover 500 Million € - 450 employees
Objectives Rebuilding production and storage areas of a largely burned down plant of COMPO EXPERT GmbH in Krefeld including conveyor technology for storage and removal of raw materials and finished products, extended infrastructure of energy, air operating equipment, steam and condensate as well as construction of production of long-term fertilizer within time and financial budgets
  • Project Management with 14 sub project managers
  • Controlling of cross-divisional functions time management, cost control, financing, contracting, claim management, insurance, building and public procurement law
  • Permit application planning, detailed engineering
  • contracting building and technology
  • leading of internal and external construction supervision
  • Project accounting
  • Budget controlling
  • Re-start of production
Results The project was handed over to the client after a 26 months construction time and an investment of 66 Million Euro. All technical and financial requirements were met.
Function Project Manager
Duration of project 34 months (2013-2016)
Restructuring a commercial vehicle company
Sector Vehicle manufacturing
Size of company Turnover 40 Million € - 200 employees
  • Restructuring according to a reorganisation report IDW S 6 issued by a consulting group.
  • Strategic realignment.
  • Management of the company as CEO and CRO
  • Loan negotiations for restructuring
  • Implementation of the reorganisation report
  • Process analysis
  • Development of a project management and strategy
  • Restructuring of the sales organization and production
  • Product optimization and development
  • Procurement and logistics reorganization, data improvement
  • Implementation of calculation and cost accounting
  • Business planning incl. financial plan and reports
  • Preparation of M&A process
  • Human Resources
  • Adjustment of the organization and processes
  • Find new Management
  • Self-administered continuation of restructuring with insolvency plan procedure (ESUG § 270a InsO) to reach a financial restructuring
  • Handover to new management
Function CRO/CEO - General Manager
Duration of project 13 months (2011-2012)
Project development in the tourism and real estate industry
Sector Tourism / plant engineering
Size of company Project development, investing 185 Million EuroConstruction and operation of the world's largest observation wheel (such as LONDON EYE) in Berlin
  • Economic objectives of the planned Investment
  • Financing of investment
  • Organisational structure
  • Interim Managing director (CFO)
  • Development of economic analysis
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Market research of tourism development
  • Preparation and analysis of the potential expectations of visitors
  • Financial planning and reports
  • Contract negotiations with potential construction syndicates
  • Creating investor presentations
  • Investor relationships
  • Balancing
  • Project controlling
Results Termination of project by shareholders due to lack of funding
Function Managing Director
Duration of project 13 months (2010-2011)
Turnaround of a construction company
Sector Building and bridge construction, civil engineering
Size of company Turnover 90 Million € - 300 employees
  • Analysis of business plan 2009
  • To prepare a restructuring plan
  • Preparation of the restructuring plan with consultancy
  • Analysis and adjustments of the business plan 2009
  • To lead the steering committee as CRO and to establish project teams and SMART-Plan projects
  • Introduction of credit and collect system and risk management
  • Short term financial planning
  • Restructuring of tender, contract and project calculation
  • Implementation of a documentary and workflow system
  • Cost reduction measures in construction, production, personnel and purchasing
  • Processes and organization harmonized with reorientation
  • Introduction of a Management Information System (MIS)
  • Coaching of the management
  • Turnaround successfully completed
  • Smart-plan potentials established
  • Financial standing restored
Function CRO - General Manager
Duration of project 11 months (2009-2010)
International project management railway infrastructure
Sector Railway Infrastructure
Size of company Turnover 110 Million € - 950 employees
  1. Risk analysis of a German-Chinese Joint Venture
  2. Restructuring of the North- and South American subsidiaries
  3. Constitution of Business Development
Activities - Risk analysis of J.V.:
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Analysis of the contractual rights and obligations
  • Evaluations of economic efficiency
  • Budgeting (EBIT, Cash Flow, P&L)
  • Prospects- and Risk analysis
  • Contract negotiations
Activities Restructuring:
  • Market and competition analysis in North and South America
  • Implementation of sales forecasts
  • Implementation of ERP and MRP Systems
  • Product analysis („A,B,C“)
  • Location analysis in the USA
  • Reorganization of the US subsidiary to a sales organization
  • Reorganization of the Brazilian subsidiary
  • Adaption of staffing level
  • Cost analysis
  • Implementation of business plans
  • Change of operational and organizational structure
  • Exit from the Joint Venture due to high risk
  • Reorganization of the North- and South American subsidiaries
  • Constitution Business Development
Function Project manager
Duration of project 15 months
Restructuring of a logistics company
Sector Forwarding company
Size of company Turnover 25 Million € - 150 employees
  • Restriction to core activities
  • Process optimization
  • Economic analysis of the various departments
  • Definition of the target structure
  • Sale / separation of departments not belonging to the core competencies
  • Adaptation of operational and organizational structure to match the target structure
  • Alignment of transport fleet with a two-name strategy
  • Introduction of order controlling
  • Financial structure and equity base improved
  • Overall costs reduced by > 10%
Function CRO - General Manager
Duration of project 6 months (2006-2007)
Process optimization and restructuring of a real estate company
Sector Real estate
Size of company Turnover 30 Million € - 60 employees
  • Restructuring of business activities
  • Optimization of the real estate portfolio
  • Analysis of processes
  • Outsourcing / sale of ancillary operations
  • Transfer of facility management to company subsidiaries
  • Improvement of the lettings situation
  • Optimization of the real estate portfolio through purchases & sales
  • Optimization of operational and organizational structure
  • Qualification of employees
  • Introduction of property management and control procedures
  • Proportion of vacant properties reduced
  • Financial structure, equity base and rating improved
Function CRO project manager
Duration of project 6 months (2006)
Consultancy for a new TV broadcaster
Sector Media
Size of company Start Up
Objectives Financing structure, controlling, reporting
  • Development and implementation of financing proposals
  • Development of business plans
  • Implementation of project management and control
  • Development of reporting to directors and shareholders
  • Business consultancy for the company management
Results Finance secured. TV broadcasting started on schedule
Function Consultant
Duration of project 3 months (2005)
Interim commercial management (as MD)
Sector Cruise ships and catering
Size of company Turnover 18 Million € - 200 employees
Objectives Interim management as Managing Director, process optimization, training of a successor

Responsibility for:

  • Human Resources
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Controlling· Internal auditing
  • Corporate planning
  • Legal affairs and insurance
  • Risk management
  • Matters concerning land and real estate / lease contracts
Results Financial structure optimized, rating improved, successor trained
Function Managing Director
Duration of project 18 months (2004-2005)
Merger and integration of a number of companies to form a new group
Sector Construction and civil engineering
Size of company Turnover 100 Million € - 650 employees
Objectives Process optimization, utilization of synergies, cost reduction, a unified market approach, definition of core competencies
  • Committing the employees to the new regime
  • Shut-down or selling of ancillary operations
  • Presentation of calculation, project control and reporting as an integrated process
  • Introduction of a unified group-wide IT system
  • Reduction of the number of different brands of equipment used
  • Alignment of processes with the new operational and organizational structure
  • Optimization of overheads
  • Tightening up of group purchasing
  • Optimization of the financial structure
  • A 20% improvement in the number of successful tenders
  • Overall costs reduced by 15%
  • Equity ratio improved to above sector average
  • Processes made transparent
Function Project manager (Management)
Duration of project 7 months (2003)
Reorganization of a construction and real estate group
Sector Building construction, civil engineering, real estate, precast concrete factory and prefabricated houses
Size of company Turnover 120 Million € - 800 employees
  • Analysis of potential for reorganization and benefits to be obtained
  • Restructuring and reorientation of the construction group
  • Generation of a restructuring concept
  • Restructuring of the group of companies on the basis of core competencies and market conditions
  • Alignment of the financial base with the new structure
  • Sale/partnerships for manufacturers of concrete plants
  • Sale/leasing of real estate stock
  • Setting up of project control using an integral IT system
  • Creation of a customer service department: Planning and Consultancy
  • Cost reduction measures in construction, production, personnel and purchasing
  • Processes and organization harmonized with reorientation
  • Restructuring of tender, contract and project calculations
  • Holding of restructuring negotiations with banks, insurers, customers and suppliers
  • Renegotiation of pay system with works committee
  • Introduction of credit & collect system and introduction of risk management
  • Leadership of the group - interim management
  • Turnaround successfully completed
  • Financial standing restored
  • Successor trained as commercial Managing Director
Function CRO/CFO - General Manager
Duration of project 13 months (1999-2000)